Section 4 – Submission Of Assignments

The following format and information are required when submitting an assignment. This will aid in clarifying which Learning Point, module, and other information the assessors require to make the marking process more efficient. 

Format For The Filename

  • The required format for the filename of your assignment is:  Student Nr Course Code Module
  • Example 1 : COL-2021-111-SCW-KM03 or Example 2:  COL-2021-111-SCW-KM03

The Front Page Of Your Assignment

The following information is required on the first page of your assignment (see the example below):  

  • Name:                     Eugene Wasserman
  • Student Number:  COL/2021/111
  • Course Code:        SCW
  • Level:                     NQF5
  • Module no:           KM03 
  • Date:                       7 July 2022

After the above mention information the IAC’s Code, Title, and your answer) must follow. See the example below:

Section 1: Paradigm Shift In Relation To Counselling

  • IAC0101 Identify and explain, with the aid of guidelines, the different approaches or counselling theories to well-being.

Your Answer…

  • IAC0102 recognise the scope and describes circumstances that warrant the referral to an appropriate service that can address the need of the counselee at hand.

Your Answer…

  • IAC0103 Identify and motivate

Your Answer…

IAC0102: Distinguish between visional (strategic) leadership and ministry (operational) management in building a faith community.


Submitting Assignment

  • Only one PDF document which includes all the IAC’s, practical assignments and workplace assignments as indicated under the Assignment Section of the module.
  • Allowed file type: PDF
  • Maximum file size : 10m